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Try our free demonstration of the full-fledged Behahvior Incident Recording System. You may enter some trial Incident Reports, or just use the provided set of mock Incident data from three schools. You can graph the data using all of our chart types, or download the data as a spreadsheet or an image suitable importing into other software, such as Google Docs ™ or Microsoft Office ™.

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Note: The database is refreshed every Saturday at 8pm. All the data you enter will be erased at that time.

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About the Demonstration

The demonstration program is the full Behavior Incident Recording System — only the parts that allow administrators to setup programs and schools have been disabled. (In addition, since you share the demo logon with other visitors, you can edit the account, but your changes are not saved.)

This demo is a good chance to test BIRS before your organization subscribes to it. You can share the charts and spreadsheets you produce with your co-workers.

Try Out These Features

Here's a list of things to try:

  • The Activity List shows how lists are maintained
  • Go to the Incident page to try entering an Incident report
  • While there click on the Chart button to create a chart
  • Access to the Help system is available everywhere. Just click on the Help button