Purchase Orders?

Q. My program requires a purchase order before invoices are paid. Do you accept purchase orders?

A. Certainly. If your program requires a purchase order before paying an invoice, just scan the purchase order and email it to uryc(kxj)orunivbecnegarefuvc.pbz. Or you can mail the printed PO to:

Behavior Partnership, Inc.
PO Box 734
Weaverville, NC 28787

Be certain to include your program's name and your own contact information.

We will generate a replacement invoice which references your purchase order, and email it to you.

How to Update Your Program for a New Year

Q. I'm getting organized for a new school year. How should I handle new Children (or Staff, or Classrooms or Schools)?

A. The BIRS software retains all data you enter for your program. That way, you can make comparisons of behavior over multiple school years.

The procedure is simple: if Children were part of your program in a previous year, you don't have to do anything. They are already in your system.

If Children are really new, you must create a new Children's entry.

If Children have moved on and are not a part of your Program, you may hide them from the dropdown lists for Incidents by finding their entry and unchecking the "Active" checkbox. Their data is still there, but is hidden.

The thinking and process is the same for Classrooms, Schools and Staff. Keep the ones still in the program for the new school year, de-activate the ones who will never be used again, and create new entries for ones that are new.

Deleting Staff (or Children, Classrooms, Schools)

Q. How do I delete old Staff? They keep showing up in the dropdown lists when we want to enter Incidents.

A. The Behavior Partnership system is designed so that data is retained forever. That way, comparisons may be made and analysis performed over multiple school years.

If a Staff member (or a Classroom, School or Child) is not going to be part of your program for a period of time, you may mark them as "inactive". Find the appropriate entry and edit it, unchecking the "Active" checkbox.

Inactive Staff (and Classrooms, Schools, Children, etc.) will not show up in the dropdown list when Incidents are entered or displayed.

May We Delete Incidents?

Q. We entered some Behavior Incident Reports incorrectly. How do we delete them?

A. Like Staff, Children, Classrooms and Schools, Incidents may not be deleted.

You have two options:

  1. Correct the entry
  2. Mark the bad entries as "inactive"
To mark the entry inactive, select the entry from the list and uncheck the "Active" checkbox.

Definition of "Classroom"

Q. We use the same classroom for two daily sessions: morning and afternoon. For billing purposes, do you consider do you consider thatone classroom or two?

A. We consider that example as two classrooms. Our pricing reflects the costs of maintaining data for students, so even though there is only one physical classroom, there are two groups of students for which data must be kept.

Why is Your Address in North Carolina?

Q. I noticed your mailing address for payments is in North Carolina. I thought the BIRS/TACSEI research project was in Tampa, Florida.

A. The research project has been based in Tampa at the University of South Florida and the support and training staff are still there. But the Behavior Partnership, Inc. corporation and the management and programming staff is based in Weaverville, North Carolina, a quaint and friendly town a few miles north of Asheville, in the (more temperate) Blue Ridge Mountains.