Comprehensive Help

The Behavior Incident Recording System provides extensive user Help from almost every page in the system. Just click the Help button wherever you find it.

Training on BIRS

All staff must be trained prior to using the BIRS. We provide a 45-minute training that can be used along with the BIR instructions to prepare staff to use the system. Click to view training.

Getting Started

The place for new users to start is the BIRS User's Manual. You can view or download your copy from here (.pdf file - 340Kb).

To be considered for BIRS, you or your administrator must first fill out the BIRS Online Enrollment form.

Online Tutorials

We have tutorials for major sections of BIRS:

Step 1
Add A School
Step 2
Adding Staff
Step 3
Adding Students
Step 4
Adding Incident Lists
Step 5
Adding A New Incident