Full-Featured Demo

Our Demonstration Website is a fully functional version of the BIRS software, complete with more than a year's worth of mock data for three schools.

See how easy it is to enter Incident data and to create custom charts to download and paste into any PC or Mac™ word processing or spreadsheet program.

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Your Data is Secure

Incident data for your pupils is stored on secure servers in a controlled access computer room. Even we don't have physical access to the computers!

Your data belongs to you. No one else except the BIRS staff may view it. When codes instead of names are used for children and staff, the BIRS software is fully HIPAA-compliant.

We also allow you to set access permissions for each designated user in your program. Only the people who need to enter or edit data may do so — all others have read-only access for viewing and charting.

Enrollment and Pricing

Our goal is to make the Behavior Incident Recording System affordable for even the smallest preschool program or Headstart center.

Enrollment prices are as low as $120 per year for small programs with Ten or Fewer Classrooms.

Enrollment is simple. Your program representative can fill out a simple form and email it to the Behavior Partnership for processing. One of our staff will contact you to verify your identity and method of payment.