Programs using the Behavior Incident Recording System pay an annual fee based on their size. The total price increases as you add more classrooms, but the price per classroom decreases.

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BIRS Pricing Levels - Based on Size of Your Program

This table shows the annual subscription fee Per Program. To determine how your organization fits our pricing model, please refer to our definitions of Program, School and Classroom. Final determination of your annual cost will depend on your Enrollment Application.

Number of Classrooms Annual Subscription Fee Per Classroom
1 to 20 Classrooms $100 Per Classroom
21 to 40 Classrooms $90 Per Classroom
41 to 60 Classrooms $80 Per Classroom
61 to 100 Classrooms $60 Per Classroom
More Than 100 Classrooms Please contact us for a price

Definitions for Pricing


A program refers to the organizational body that includes sites, schools or classrooms. Examples of programs include: Head Start Grantees, School Districts, Corporate Commercial Child Care Company, or Non-profit operating early care sites, or small for-profit company with classrooms. A state might choose to have a designation as the "program" if wishing to use the system to gather data from multiple sites.


Building or site with one or more classrooms. For example, a Head Start grantee might have multiple sites with one or more classrooms. A school district might have multiple classrooms in multiple schools. A small early care and education program with a few classrooms would likely be listed as both the program and site.


Classroom refers to a classroom that is taught by a teacher or teaching team to a group of children. In some programs, a single physical classroom is utilized for a morning program and then an afternoon program. In those circumstances, the morning and afternoon group of children constitute two classrooms.

Enrollment Examples

Denise County School District

Denise County School District is a Program that collects data on four schools/sites: Garden Elementary School, with four different classrooms, Cool Kids Child Care, with nine classrooms, Baby Genius Child Care, with 10 classrooms and Berry Elementary School, with three classrooms.

Annual Fee: One program, 26 classrooms @ $90, $2.340.

Ms. Bunny's Childcare

Ms Bunny's Childcare is a school/site that will be collecting data in 12 classrooms. Excellent Head Start Center is a school that will be tracking data for eight classrooms. When Ms. Bunny's Childcare was enrolled, it was listed as a program and a school/site.

Annual Fee: One program, 20 classrooms @ $100, $1,800.

YMCA Preschool

YMCA preschool enrolled as a program and school/site. They have five classrooms and offer a morning and afternoon session. Thus, they are collecting data on 10 classrooms.

Annual Fee: One program, 10 classrooms @ $100, $1,000.