Our Responsibilities

This website is owned and operated by Behavior Partnership, Inc., a Florida (U.S.) corporation. Our company sells subscriptions to the website which allow our customers to enter, save and analyze data about students in public and private schools.

Your Data is Valuable

Since the data is ephemeral and time-consuming to collect and enter, it is highly valuable and in fact, irreplacable.

It is our responsiblity to protect your data from mishap. To that end, we backup the BIRS Incident data hourly. Data that changes less frequently is backed up daily. Our goal is that in the event of a catatrophic hardware failure, you would lose at most the Incidents entered during the last 60 minutes.

Privacy Objectives Maintained

We are serious about the safety of your data and sensitve to your school administration's (and your government's) requirements for privacy. Your data is stored on computer equipment in a secure (meaning both "locked and guarded" and "disaster resistant") facility. Even we can't get into the building.

Even though your Incident data is entered online and flows over the Internet to our database, it is encrypted (scrambled) so that it is unreadable even if it could be intercepted. It's also encrypted when it flows the other way, from our computer to your computer where is appears in a report listing or chart.

Your Responsibilities

We ask you, our customer, to care for your data with the same seriousness as we do.

Use Code Names

We ask you to use "code names" instead of real names. The requirement is an obvious one when recording behavioral data about children. But the "code name" rule also applies to teachers and other staff.

So, rule number one is Don't Use Actual Names.

Log Out When Done

Secondly, we ask you to be conscious about security. When you are finished entering BIRS data for the day or leave your work area for an extended time, Log Out of your account.

If you are using a shared computer, Do Not Check the "Remember Me" checkbox. The will prevent the next user from accessing our website.

Partners Help Each Other

It's not an accident that the word partnership is in our name. We want to be a team, a force working toward good outcomes. After all, the bottom line is the well-being and success of kids.

Therefore, our last requirement is simple. If our program doesn't seem to be working, please report the problem. And if you can suggest a better way, even a small improvement, please let us know using our contact form.

Terms of Contract

You agree to pay Behavior Partnership, Inc. a subscription fee based on our fee schedule.

You agree to abide by our security rules, including always using "code names" instead of real names for children and staff.

We agree to keep your data safe, secure and private.

We promise to listen to our customers and continually improve the website.